Superbes pubs pour le Scrabble : Yoga, Sumo et Hula

Je viens de découvrir les trois publicités pour le Scrabble (en anglais), et j’ai pris une grosse claque. Elles ont été mises en lignes pour redorer le blason du célèbre jeu, à l’occasion de son 60ième anniversaire. Ça fait très longtemps que je n’avais pas vu de publicités de ce niveau là.

The principle of the campaign : Different words accidentally encounter during a Scrabble game, giving by chance birth to a world as unexpected as enchanting. Picture a board of Scrabble at the end of a game: words that have nothing to do with each other are crossing and overlapping, to the point that they sometimes tell a crazy story !


Les paroles :

Can somebody tell, namaste !
I’m the yoga man i think and i pray
Lickin, em down
In the clouds
I’m the gnome falling in the grind
Meddle downtown
Lying in my bed clown
I’m just minding my affair
Throw you clothes up in the air
Laundry machine , get me clean
There’s a wild bull on the scene
Can you hear that sound he’s in bed dead in the ground
King for a day
I’m in love with what you say
I have potato
I have afro
Rastaman gonna squeeze iguana
Boxing ring he go make muffin
Big foot hanging on the mobile
Torch lite on little birdy
I come hunting humping on a spring
You so scared
You don’t dare
Call the police i just don’t care
King for a day
I’m in love with what you say



La bande son est de Dana Edelman.



La bande son est : Hula Dancer – C4

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