Gmail : les commandes pour la recherche avancée

Je publie ici juste le contenu de la page suivante, listant toutes les commandes de recherche avancées dans Google.

Operator Definition Examples
from: Used to specify the sender Example: from:amy
Meaning: Messages from Amy
to: Used to specify a recipient Example: to:david
Meaning: All messages that were sent to David (by you or someone else)
subject: Search for words in the subject line Example: subject:dinner
Meaning: Messages that have the word « dinner » in the subject
OR Search for messages matching term A or term B*
*OR must be in all caps
Example: from:amy OR from:david
Meaning: Messages from Amy or from David

Used to exclude messages from your search Example: dinner -movie
Meaning: Messages that contain the word « dinner » but do not contain the word « movie »
label: Search for messages by label*
*There isn’t a search operator for unlabeled messages
Example: from:amy label:friends
Meaning: Messages from Amy that have the label « friends »Example: from:david label:my-family
Meaning: Messages from David that have the label « My Family »
has:attachment Search for messages with an attachment Example: from:david has:attachment 
Meaning: Messages from David that have an attachment
list: Search for messages on mailing lists Example: 
Meaning: Messages with the words in the headers, sent to or from this list
filename: Search for an attachment by name or type Example:filename:physicshomework.txt
Meaning: Messages with an attachment named « physicshomework.txt »Example: label:work filename:pdf
Meaning: Messages labeled « work » that also have a PDF file as an attachment
 »  »
Used to search for an exact phrase*
*Capitalization isn’t taken into consideration
Example: « i’m feeling lucky »
Meaning: Messages containing the phrase « i’m feeling lucky » or « I’m feeling lucky »Example: subject: »dinner and a movie »
Meaning: Messages containing the phrase « dinner and a movie » in the subject
( ) Used to group words
Used to specify terms that shouldn’t be excluded
Example: from:amy (dinner OR movie)
Meaning: Messages from Amy that contain either the word « dinner » or the word « movie »Example: subject:(dinner movie)
Meaning: Messages in which the subject contains both the word « dinner » and the word « movie »
in:anywhere Search for messages anywhere in Gmail*
*Messages in Spam and Trashare excluded from searches by default
Example: in:anywhere movie 
Meaning: Messages in All Mail,Spam, and Trash that contain the word « movie »
Search for messages in Inbox,Trash, or Spam Example: in:trash from:amy
Meaning: Messages from Amy that are in Trash
Search within messages thatPriority Inbox considers important. Example: is:important from:janet
Meaning: Messages from Janet that were marked as important by Priority Inbox
Search for messages that are starred, unread, or read Example: is:read is:starred from:David
Meaning: Messages from David that have been read and are marked with a star
Search for messages with a particular star Example: has:purple-star from:David
Meaning: Messages from David that are marked with a purple star
Used to specify recipients in thecc: or bcc: fields*
*Search on bcc: cannot retrieve messages on which you were blind carbon copied
Example: cc:david 
Meaning: Messages that were cc-ed to David
Search for messages sent during a certain period of time
(using the date format yyyy/mm/dd)
Example: after:2004/04/16 before:2004/04/18 
Meaning: Messages sent between April 16, 2004 and April 18, 2004.*
*More precisely: Messages sent after 12:00 AM (or 00:00) April 16, 2004 and before April 18, 2004.
is:chat Search for chat messages Example: is:chat monkey
Meaning: Any chat message including the word « monkey. »
deliveredto: Search for messages within a particular email address in the Delivered-To line of the message header
Meaning: Any message with in the Delivered-To: field of the message header (which can help you find messages forwarded from another account or ones sent to an alias).
circle: Search for messages that were sent from someone who you added to a particular Google+ circle Example: circle:friends
Meaning: Any message that was sent by a person in your « Friends » circle.Examples: circle: »soccer friends (team blue) » or circle: »my \ »fab four\ » »
Notes: For circle names that include a space, parentheses, curly brackets, or vertical bar, add quotes around the name. For names that include quotes, add a back slash immediately before the quotes.
has:circle Search for all messages that were sent from someone who you added to your Google+ circles Example: has:circle 
Meaning: Any message that was sent by a person in any of your circles.

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